Friday, May 25, 2012

13 Miles later....

So, towards the beginning of the year, some friends of
ours, invited us and a whole bunch of other people to run
the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon! But they have the full
marathon, half-marathon, 10k, and 5k, and our group was planning
on doing the half-marathon! So we all started training months in advance
and then just this last Saturday, the 19th, was the REAL DEAL! :)
So we all woke up earlier then wanted, on a Saturday morning, and met
up at the Thomas's house to carpool over to Lucky Peak!
It was a little cold at first, but it definitely warmed up once we started!
It was a very hard thing to do that, I think, really ends up showing your
mental strength as well as physical! But we all made it and I think we're all
planning on doing it again!!! And, despite the tiredeness, and soreness...
we managed to all get back together that same night and have a party!!!
:) I think it should be fairly easy to tell the which are the "before" and
which are the "after" pictures!!! :D Oh yeah, in case you didn't know...
a half-marathon is 13.1 miles!!! We started at Sandy Point down by Lucky
Peak, and ended at Ann Morrison park! was quite a feat!!! First
time for alot of us, too!!!

This picture of me and Dad, was taken when we

got home! (Don't mind Tiana in the background!) ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break!

So, the starting day of spring break a bunch of us went
to the roller skating rink (i didn't get any pictures of that),
and that was a blast!!! And then these next pictures are
from the next day- the same group of us met at my house
and we all rode our bikes down to the park/greenbelt/MK Nature Walk!
Then on our way home we stopped at a mexican restaurant
and got some amazing empanadas!!! :D

Then, Wednesday morning at 5:45am, the

young men and the young women met at the church

and started for Twin Falls for a temple trip! :)

We had barely pulled out of the church parking lot

and people were already asleep!

Lanie and Maddie(my cousins) met us at the temple

and did our session with us, and then ended up coming home

with us! So we hung out in Boise on Thursday and then we all

headed back to Jerome on Friday! And on the way back to Jerome,I

couldn't fall asleep in the car and everyone else

was either asleep...or driving.. :D

So I decided to take some pictures... }:)

But anyways,we stayed there and watched

General Conference at my Grandparents, and had a non-stop

eating fest!!! :) And it was a party!

So, probably not that exciting to anyone else, but it

was pretty fun!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cousins,Dances,Choir Trips & MONSTER TRUCKS!

So....pretty much FOREVER ago, my little cousins
stayed with us over the weekend, and we did our nails,
JUST DANCE, I got my hair done by Journi(the 4 year old)
*ouch* :) and many other things! And, even though it happened
awhile ago, it was too fun to forget about!!!

This is Gretchen and me, preparing for an SND...

These next few pictures are from a couple different

Stake Dances, nothing too spectacular, just all of us

being crazy! This first picture had to be taken because

Gretchen and I planned our outfits to be opposites of

eachother, and when we got to the dance Preston matched

us, so we had to take our "Oreo" picture. :D

So, a long time ago, Tiana got some little Lord of the Rings

and Harry Potter action figures that now sit at our computer

desk for...."decoration", and I had my camera at the desk once,

and the next time I looked at my pictures I saw this picture of

Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins in a serious wrestling match!

(Thanks Tiana!)

And these are some pictures we took on the bus

during one of our choir trips with two of my best friends

Gretchen and Samuel! (They're twins!! aww!!)

And, just this last weekend, a group of us went to

the Monster Truck Show at the Idaho Center, and

it was the first time for a few of us, and it was super fun!!!